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September, 2013

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Bipolife is a serious game produced by Ubisoft and developped by Area Effect. It is a teaching tool that aims to help people living with bipolar disorder, by helping them better understand the symptoms of their illness. It is intended for people affected by bipolar disorder, along with their friends and family. During the Bipolife experience, you will share the daily life of someone living with bipolar disorder. Gradually you will teach your avatar to stabilize their mood and to stay calm over the long term through appropriate decision-making. Please note that this program cannot replace long-term health care treatment and accompaniment by a psychiatrist.


Bipolife was created in partnership with Ubisoft and pharmaceutical company Astra Zeneca.


  • Simulates the behavior of our daily mood
  • It's pretty much like the Sims, except your character is bipolar!
  • If you don't watch your mood closely, you will go to the hospital
  • The tone of the environment and your available actions depend on your mood


There are currently no trailers available for Bipolife. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!




Selected Articles

  • "(French) Bipolife, un 'jeu' psycho-éducatif pour tenter de repérer les situations qui favorisent des escalades émotionnelles."
    - Adeline Laffitte, Avantages
  • "(French) Le site Bipolife s'inscrit dans la psycho-éducation, une strategie payante dans les troubles bipolaires."
    - Dr Muriel Gevrey, Le Généraliste
  • "(French) Les jeux vidéo peuvent nous rendre addicts mais ils peuvent aussi nous soigner."
    - Cécile Coumau, Pourquoi Docteur
  • "(French) Bipolife, premier outil intéractif spécifiquement dédié aux troubles bipolaires."
    - CD, Revue du Praticien
  • "(French) Cet outil interactif lui permettra de reconnaître les facteurs bénéfiques ou délétères de sa maladie."
    - La rédaction, Top Santé
  • "(French) 'Bipolife', un jeu vidéo pour aider les personnes bipolaires"
    - La Rédaction, allodocteurs.fr

About Area Effect

Area Effect is a designer and developer of entertainment software. We are currently working on Izle, a procedural 3D ARPG to be released on Steam and next-gen consoles in 2016.

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Bipolife Credits

Alexis Bacot
Game Director, Gameplay Engineer

Giuseppe Severino
Art Director

Meihdi Ellahiani
Game Design

Fabien Friess, Fluo Studio
Interface Design

Strategic Music, LLC

Audrey Binet

Jodi Lorenzo
Flash Animation

Charles Leclercq
Character Design

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