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Izle is a 3D procedural ARPG where you go on a quest to rebuild the last world of light using terraforming powers. With the help of the gods you will create procedurally generated islands, each one unique and filled with secrets. It is a game about the freedom of creation and the choices we must take to protect our world from destruction.


We've been working on Izle since January 2013, and currently we're preparing our Steam Early Access. This game started as a co-op MMO inspired by Zelda, Everquest and Minecraft. It was initially called "The Adventure", and it was about exploring a huge world filled with dungeons and secrets with your friends. In early alpha in 2013 we found out that this world was hard to navigate, and since we wanted to add voxels from the beginning we decided to allow the player to create his world. We redesigned the player experience, added a "smooth voxel" engine, changed the story and ended up with Izle, a game where the player build his own world, and protect it. The idea is to play with terraforming as much as possible, to allow the player the freedom to choose how the world looks like, and how he wants to play in it. The voxel engine allows us to build terrain, but also to destroy it, and that became the challenge: protect your world, or it gets shattered by the shadows. All the environment enemies and dungeons are procedurally generated, and this will allow us to have never seen before gameplay and experience, and we can't wait to show it to you :)


  • A procedurally generated 3D action adventure RPG!
  • Create your own world with large scale terraforming powers.
  • Design your own RPG class using our unique item-ability system.
  • Take care of Izle, protect it, or watch it be destroyed by the forces of Shadows.
  • Make a choice between your own power, or protecting a world that needs your help to survive.


Izle Kickstarter Trailer YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Most Creative and Original Project, Best Hardcore Game, Best Desktop / Downloadable" Izle, Game Connection Development Awards, Paris, 28 October, 2014

Selected Articles

  • "The gameplay is at this time shining extremely brightly and Izle might very well be turning into a modern classic - a game changer in the grander scheme of the industry."
    - Andre Eriksson, Cubed3
  • "The beauty of Izle is not just in the gorgeous low-poly environments and creatures, but the fact that you can create a world, run an adventure through it, terraform that world to something else entirely, and chain another island to do it all over again"
    - Zack Keosaian, Cliqist
  • "There comes a time, every so often in gaming where a game has the potential to change the landscape, to break the mould using a fusion of ideas which complement each other in such a way that makes a game magical."
    - Aaron G., Xbox Culture
  • "Izle looks like the colourful lovechild of Populous: The Beginning and Disney"
    - Steven Pilkington, ggsgamer
  • "This game seems very very cool"
    - Martyn (Yogcast), Yogcast (YouTube)
  • "I played the first half of the Izle Pre-Alpha Demo and I have to say it’s showing some amazing promise"
    - Angelo, Early Access Podcast
  • "(French) Fort d'une esthétique soignée et personnelle, il se targue de posséder des mécaniques originales comme la terraformation ou la narration immersive, servies par un contenu qu'on espère colossal."
    - Luluesmail, Indius
  • "French studio Area Effect came out as the biggest winner of the day, taking home five trophies in total for their action-exploration game Izle."
    - Award Jury, Game Connection Europe
  • "Izle leads Game Connection Development Award winners"
    - Steven Hansen, Destructoid
  • "(French) Izle est l’un des titres les plus ambitieux du stand"
    - William Bertin, Game Side Story
  • "(French) Un savant mélange de Fables, de Minecraft et de Zelda pour une excellente découverte au stand Made in France du Paris Games Week"
    - Aurelie Knosp, Joypad

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About Area Effect

Area Effect is a designer and developer of entertainment software. We are currently working on Izle, a procedural 3D ARPG to be released on Steam and next-gen consoles in 2016.

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Izle Credits

Alexis Bacot
Game Director, Gameplay Engineer, Design

Robert Heng
2D/3D Artist

Adonia Urian

Clement Peres
Music Composer

Reynald Bayeux
3D Artist

Dominique Voegele

Christophe Davaille

P. MacLean at Graphix Goddess Design
Voice of the Goddess

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