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Pathingo is a puzzle game that was originally designed to be be available on iPad, Windows and Mac. Its development is currently halted, but we have a lot of great ideas for it in the future :-) Two very different game modes are available : Adventure and Blitz. The Adventure mode will take you through 100 levels, and Blitz is a time attack to solve randomly generated levels. Both these game modes are increasing in difficulty as you progress and they will prove to be a challenge for beginners to experts of any age. To solve each level you have to gather all the diamonds by tracing a path from one tile to another. The trick is that you can only use each tile once, so you have to make sure you don't get stuck by your own path. Some levels can be very hard to complete entirely, and might take hours to solve. Since we don't want any player to get stuck they are two very distincts ways to finish a level. The 'normal' way to finish a level is to get all the diamonds. The player trace a path from one tile to another and throught all the diamonds. This will trigger the normal ending. The 'master' way to finish a level is what we call a 'Pathingo'. To perform a Pathingo, players have to not only gather all the diamonds, but also go throught every tile of the level. The Blitz mode is a series of randomly generated waves that you have to complete in a limited time. Blitz levels need to be completed in the 'master' way to grant you extra time, so you can continue progressing throught an infinite number of waves. Blitz games can last a few minutes or a few hours depending on your skill. And when you reach the game over, you will see your worldwide ranking, to see how you fare relatively to other players.


Pathingo is currently in the Open Beta stage. You can play the beta here: http://area-effect.com/Pathingo/Game/ for free, and let us know what you think :) If you see a bug, or think a level is too hard or too easy, or if you have any comment about the game, don't hesitate to tell us about it.


  • Adventure mode: 100 carefully levels crafted with love
  • Blitz mode: infinite number of procedurally generated puzzles of increasing difficulty
  • 2 ways of finishing each level, finishing the game is challenging, mastering it is extremly hard
  • Currently in open beta here: http://area-effect.com/Pathingo/Game/


There are currently no trailers available for Pathingo. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!




Open Beta
Test Pathingo: area-effect.com.

About Area Effect

Area Effect is a designer and developer of entertainment software. We are currently working on Izle, a procedural 3D ARPG to be released on Steam and next-gen consoles in 2016.

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Pathingo Credits

Alexis Bacot
Game Director, Gameplay Engineer, Design

Betty Le Bon
2D Artist

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