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July 2011



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Startales is the first game of Area Effect, it's a free game playable on iPhone®, iPad® and iPod Touch®. It's a very accessible game with simple controls that anyone can enjoy. The game was initially published on iOS but as we're no longer making any mobile game we're no longer an Apple licensed developer, and the game was removed from the App Store. But all hope is not lost, if you want to test Startales we have a playable version online here: http://area-effect.com/Startales/Game/


Start a great adventure and sail away into the sky to find your true love! Soar into the heavens and as far as outer space to touch the stars, balance from cloud to cloud and use momentum to acquire speed so you can zip along at high speeds traveling ever farther and farther. Two tiny stars in the sky, an impossible love affair, a relentless shadow pursuing you : You are the last hope for their union, so they can dance and glow together in the glorious night of their love. This game features the love shared by two stars, their hopes, and their triumphs. But above all it is a story about you. The way you play the game will affect the behavior of your companion. You can play "competitively" to earn as many points as possible, but you'll probably end up all alone if you aren't taking good care of your relationship or if you remain too independent. On the other hand, if you take great care to stay together or close by one another, you might score lower, but you could try to reunite these two stars and be a part of their nascent love affair. And then you might be rewarded beyond your wildest dreams. So you'll have to be the one to decide. It's all up to you!


  • High accessibility, simple controls, kid-friendly atmosphere
  • #1 on iPad in 20+ countries (Kids category)
  • Top 5 on iPhone in 10+ countries (Kids category)
  • 300k unique users, 3.5M games played, 250M stars caught :)
  • 11+ years of cumulated gameplay
  • No longer available on the App Store
  • Playable here: http://area-effect.com/Startales/Game/


Startales Gameplay Trailer YouTube




Selected Articles

  • "Not only does Startales have engaging gameplay (...) it also offers something of an emotional experience."
    - Nissa Campbell, Touch Arcade
  • "App Of The Day: Startales – A Tale Of Star Crossed Lovers"
    - Trevor Sheridan, Apple N Apps

Play Startales!
Play Startales in your browser: area-effect.com.

About Area Effect

Area Effect is a designer and developer of entertainment software. We are currently working on Izle, a procedural 3D ARPG to be released on Steam and next-gen consoles in 2016.

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Startales Credits

Alexis Bacot
Game Director, Gameplay Engineer, Design

Betty Le Bon
2D Artist

Raphaël Hardy
Music Composer


Christophe Mongin
Additionnal Programming

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