Bolstering Innovation

Our passion is to carry out research to come up with new user experiences.

Big Data

User Experience Design

We come from the game industry where the entire process is about finding a new user experience. It's a hard process, a blend of design, business and technology. It's about understanding the audience, the trends, and the use case. It's a lot of iterations, a lot of prototypes, and as many user tests. And it is our passion.

Fun Makes You Smile

Gamification leverages PLAY to make your product and UX more engaging, rewarding and fun. Everything can be a game, and if you really think your service or product cannot be one then I strongly suggest talking with us. Recently we created a playful experience in Chambord (an exceptionnal renaissance castle designed by Leonardo da Vinci) and it's a complete game changer with 96% satisfaction.

Artificial Intelligence

AI was first replacing tedious tasks but it is now creating new opportunities, forging new business avenues and driving growth. We have a framework to train agents using machine learning with Tensorflow to create complex AI in hours, and we'd love to do a lot more in this area.

Big Data

Big Data is the collection and processing of LOTS of data, usually in real-time. We've created an entire back-end and front-end dedicated to cultural sites to extract information about visitors using bluetooth geolocation data. This data analysis is often done online, and we also have lots of experience with Online Networking in general.

Real-Time Rendering

Rendering (or Front-End) is a field of both technical and artistic research. For our partners we do both, and provide the artistic direction and the graphics programming. Specialized in 2D & 3D real-time rendering, we create custom shaders and we have extensive knowledge of most usual rendering pipelines. For one of our partners we used the deferred pipeline to improve their cubemap rendering, using a mix of offline and real-time techniques. We can create visual concepts, graphics demos, and the vertical slice of the product you want to make.

Smart Content

Procedural Content Generation is used to programmatically create content. It is often required for our games and is widely used in the independent games industry. We use it to generate levels, environments, characters, stories and to maximize production values with minimal assets.

Creating Worlds

World Simulations can be tricky, when for example you want to simulate the mood of a bipolar character. The difficulty often comes from the fact that the simulation cannot be fully realistic, and design choices need to be made to simplify it. When we worked with AstraZeneca to simulate the life of a bipolar patient one of the hardest part was to find a compromise between the very complex reality of mood swings and something that could be easily understood visually.

French Tax Credit

We are an official research laboratory of the 'French Ministry of Higher Education and Research' and as a result all our R&D work falls under France Research Tax Credit.

Contact Us

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